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5 Benefits of grease traps & floor drains

Grease traps and floor drains are valuable elements in any restaurant, car wash, fuel station or really any environment where there is water or oil runoff. The grease trap and floor drain work hand in hand to create a safer and cleaner working environment. Here are a few benefits of grease traps and floor drains:

1. The drains help rid an area of spilled water that could potentially cause someone to slip and fall. This is especially helpful at a car wash where a large amount of water is constantly being used and ends up lying on the floor.

2. Floor drains make cleaning a quick and easy task. The drain allows an area to be washed and rinsed without the hassle of pooling water as it can escape down the drain. When water pools it can cause damage and staining which can be quite unsightly, especially in public areas such as bathrooms. Floor drains eliminate the possibility of this.

3. Grease traps are environmentally friendly as they prevent fats and oils from flowing into rivers and other bodies of water. There are multiple ways to recycle the grease that is captured in the traps. The environmental benefit of grease traps is seen as a selling point for a business.

4. Grease traps will end up saving you money in the long run! Their ability to separate grease from water waste means that the grease will not enter and block your septic tank. Keeping grease out of your septic tank will allow it to stay in good condition which means less extra expenditure for you.

5. Grease traps are fast and efficient. Some might think that the grease trapping process is a long one, but it really isn’t. The waste enters the trap, the water is cooled and the solidified grease floats to the surface, allowing the water to escape without the potential of clogging your pipes.

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