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Grease Traps


Oil Seperators



Pollution Solution grease trap, also known as grease interceptors or fat traps, complete with solids baskets, is rotomoulded in polyethylene, offering superior innovation in complete Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) management. Our products are designed to last, making them the perfect grease trap for commercial kitchens in restaurants as well as hotels, lodges and other food-service applications.

Grease accumulation causes sewer blockages and overflows which can cause major health and safety risks to you, your workers, your clients and the general public. We supply and install grease traps that provide restaurant operators with the best value and performance.

We also specialize in oil/water separators, which are designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids or low-water soluble fluids with specific gravity below 0.95 such as gasoline, diesel, heating or mineral oils, etc. The separated oil is automatically removed from the water surface and collected in an external drain box.

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