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Types of industries that use oil separators, grease traps and floor drains

Oil separators, grease traps and floor drains are all important systems that are used in various industries. They are used to promote the hygiene and safety of the areas in which they are placed. Here are a few of the industries in which oil separators, grease traps and floor drains are used:



The hospitality industry is an industry well-known for its need for oil separators, grease traps and floor drains. The grease traps or oil separators are fitted to the taps within restaurant kitchens, hotel kitchens and more. This is to reduce the amount of fats, oils and grease from foods entering the waterways as they can be very harmful. It is also to prevent the risk of clogging the pipes because of oil build-up.



The automotive industry uses floor drains, oil separators and grease traps in different areas of the industry. Vehicle workshops use floor drains and oil separators to remove any excess petrol, water or oil waste from their floors to create a cleaner and safer working environment for technicians. This industry also uses floor drains at carwashes to remove the excess soap and liquid from the floors.


Chemical industry

The chemical industry works with hazardous and non-hazardous materials alike every day. Any spills need to be cleaned immediately. After cleaning has taken place, the excess cleaning solutions and water need to have a way to escape. This is done with the use of floor drains. Floor drains are often fitted with special filters that prevent the risk of dangerous chemicals or residue entering the water systems.

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