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Why is it important to have sewer guards in industrial areas?

It’s a common assumption among industrial businesses that SewerGuard™ products (oil separators/grease traps and flor drains) are more of a luxury rather than an actual requirement. It’s this type of mentality, however, that leaves businesses vulnerable to Environmental Health Practitioners’ fines and even prosecution in instances of severe violations.

The main purpose of a SewerGuard™products is to prevent environmental contamination. You must realize that any effluent which travels down the drain end up somewhere – usually in the closest municipal water treatment plant. It is important that this effluent from kitchens and car washes are caught before entering the sewer system.

This effluent flowing down the drains is a direct threat to both the environment and residents. This effluent, if not caught by a grease trap or oil separator, runs into the town’s sewage treatment plant and may result in extremely high costs to treat.

If you need another reason to use sewer guards in your business, here’s one: they’ll protect you from fines. Businesses that negligently overlook effluent runoff in nearby drains are fined. It is imperative to protect the environment as well as the public.

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