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Why you should use pollution solution for your oil separating needs

Pollution Solution are professionals in the oil separating business. We manufacture oil and water separators, grease traps and floor drains. There are many reasons to choose Pollution Solution for your oil separating needs; from standards to service.


Pollution Solution maintains the legal requirements of the South African government. We follow the standards according to SANS 50858 which came into effect in July 2003. We can assure you that our oil separators are everything that you need from a legal and professional standpoint.


Not only does Pollution Solution follow the legal requirements to a T, but we also have our own standards that ensure you receive quality equipment that adequately separates water from grease or oil. The equipment differs according to your business requirements. Pollution solution works closely with your business to ensure that you receive the best quality equipment to suit your field.

Environmentally Conscious

Pollution Solution wants to provide the best equipment in order to protect the environment. Our oil separating equipment pays special attention to oil and grease separation in order to prevent harmful substances from entering bodies of water and spoiling the flora and fauna of the environment.

Customer Care

Just like the environment, customer service is important to Pollution Solution. We take special care of our customers and are with you every step of the way in your businesses process to having the best, environmentally friendly equipment. Our many years in the field gives you the assurance that we know exactly what you need.

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